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After successful "ARTravel" sessions to Australia and Italy, I am announcing the next session, when I will take you on a virtual painting trip to the Greek Islands! For eight Monday evenings, beginning Oct. 4, we will immerse ourselves in the stunning beauty of the Greek Islands, such as Corfu, Samos and Santorini. Together, we will complete 3-4 acrylic paintings of a variety of subjects such as: the stunning blue and white cliff-top village, white-sand beaches, etc... 


I am combining what I have done in "Paint Parties"; (leading the group while we all do the same subject), with my "Painting Retreats" (where we can paint in a beautiful location, surrounded by nature, and enjoy some precious time just for art, while also enjoying the company of other artists). Of course, I will also teach techniques to make your painting unique.


The cost for the course is $270. A list of required art materials will be supplied you, much of which you may already have.

You will need a good internet connection, and a computer or iPad that has a video camera (web cam), microphone, and speaker. You will also need a free Zoom account (I have a professional host account) and access to a printer.

Bring along friends and family. After each demonstration I do for the whole group, I will divide you into "breakout rooms" so you can share, support, discuss, and enjoy painting together, and I can visit each room to give help where needed. You will require an easel, 4 canvases, brushes, and some basic acrylic paint colours. I will provide you with a list once you have secured your spot with an e-transfer of the course fee ($270). (Even though we are under a "Stay-at-home" order in Ontario, the art stores will deliver online orders to your home.)


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