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Stained Glass

Mind Like Water

~ Stained Glass Wave Series

While in Australia for a year’s teaching exchange in 1997, I lived with the sound of the surf breaking in front of my beach house, watching dolphins and whales and swimming and body surfing in the ocean. This inspired me to make visual images of the experience of actually being in the waves and being part of them.


I felt a need to capture the light that strikes through the wave, the movement and power that surges through me. And what better medium to attempt that expression than glass? (I had been doing stained glass since 1995.) I designed and built five large Stained Glass Waves, framed in oak, that were featured in an art show “Mind Like Water” with two other artists in 1999.

Stained Glass Commissions

For many years, I have been doing original designs for stained glass windows to install in client’s homes. If you have a window that is “asking” for a unique one-of-a-kind stained glass design, please contact me, whether it be for a sidelight at the front door, a semi-circular window up high, or a rectangular piece. I make all windows to “friction-fit” inside the existing window frame. An original piece of art can be the soul of a home. Below are some examples of commissions I have done.

                                   “Art is indeed not the bread but the wine of life."

                                                                                  ~ Jean Paul Richter

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